After losing the match against Real Madrid, Monchengladbach changed a bit. Last weekend, their mood was not positive. Everything changed in the away match against Eintracht.

Almost same amount of points

Monchengladbach and Eintracht are very close in the table of Bundesliga. Before the clash on Tuesday, there was a three-points gap between the teams. Keep in mind that both teams had a bad weekend. Monchengladbach lost the game against Real Madrid on Wednesday. On Saturday, the team could not get three points at home stadium. Eintracht at the same time lost the game against Wolfsburg. 

Two goals lead in first half

The game on Tuesday night was very interesting and intense. Eintracht played a very interesting game in the first 45 minutes and could take a lead of two goals. Monchengladbach opened the score-line. Stindl gave a lead to the guest team in the 14th minute. Eintracht equalized soon. In the last ten minutes of the first half, Eintracht Frankfurt took two goals lead. 

Scoring in last five minutes of the match

Monchengladbach was trying hard to score goals in the second half. They could not equalize the game until the very end. The referee of the match pointed to the penalty spot in the 90th minute. Stindl took the ball and scored a goal. There was still a chance for Monchengladbach to stay in the game and save the point. Eintracht was trying to defend the penalty area but they could not. In the very last minute, Stindl scored a hat-trick and saved a point for Monchengladbach.