Frank Lampard has come out to “defend” Ole Gunnar Solskjaer claiming the Manchester United is “differently judged because he is a former Manchester United player”.

Frank Lampard and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer manage Premier League clubs they hugely were successful at during their playing days. Additionally, the fact that the two manage their former clubs makes Lampard believe that’s the reason he receives critics.

Consequently, there are both drawbacks and benefits that result from managers in such positions. For Solskjaer, he once again finds his position under questions following a difficult week that saw United pack out of the Champions League.

The Red Devils went into the game in a buoyant mood having secured a fourth successive Premier League victory at West Ham last weekend. However, their poor performance in Germany was typical of a side that has been dogged by inconsistency for much of the season, with performances fluctuating within matches.

Each defeat brings with it further criticism for Solskjaer with some suggesting he is not the man to take United forward.

Consequently, Lampard empathizes with Solskjaer given he too manages a club he played for with distinction. The Chelsea coach feels the Norwegian may be getting rougher treatment because of his status as a club legend with critics believing that is the only reason he was given the job in the first place.

“We all have good times, bad times. This job is taxing and the last thing I’d want to do would be to make an opinion on Ole’s position. I think it’d be wrong”. Lampard said.

“I suppose I can answer the question. When you’ve played for the club, I think people do look at it with a different viewpoint. I think in certain tough times it can be very casual and very easy just to refer back to the fact you were a player and that’s why you got the job”.

“That can be used against you and all you do is try and work against that. Whether it’s myself, Ole, or anyone else in that position. It’s not just us two that have taken that path, there are other managers. That’s kind of just how I feel about it”.

“But one thing you can’t do is complain about it. You just get on with your job and I’m sure that’s exactly what Ole is doing behind the scenes as I do every day here”.