Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believes the new culture he is building in Manchester United is heading in the right direction. Why does he have so much faith? Let’s find out.

Ole Gunnar Solskajaer

The 4-0 Premier League opening win against Chelsea marked the perfect start for United. However, scrapped past Rochdale in midweek and following a run of one win in five Premier League games is currently negative.

While the mood flaps back and forth, the plan inside Old Trafford is clear. Solskjaer feels progress has been made.

Ole Gunnar felt the culture of Manchester United needed changing. He is achieving that aim with those inevitable “bumps in the road.”

He says, “It’s not like the situation we had last year. There is no lack of desire there. For us, it’s about building a new culture, a new team and bringing everybody together.”

“Of course, we have hit a few bumps in the road. I never said this was going to be a quick-fix job. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We need time, and the attitude of the boys has been great. We must keep working on improving the understanding and relationships between all players and the style we want to play.”

Despite only two Premier League wins this season, there are reasons for optimism at United.

As with any rebuild, fans need signs of improvement and minor successes. Since the heroic night in Paris in March, United’s Premier league form hovers above the drop zone.

They have won four in 15 games and Solskjaer’s Premier League record in his 27 games is identical to Jose Mourinho’s last 27 games.

Football match against Arsenal pits two peculiarly opposing teams together: a solid defense with barren front line against a dodgy back line with a frightening attack.

Failure to win against Arsenal would rank as United’s worst league start since 1989. But Solskjaer is relishing the occasion.

“I think it will be an open game. Two teams that want to attack. The next game is always the perfect occasion to prove yourselves. Every game here is a game you want and have to win. We are looking forward to it. I’ve watched Unai Emery over many years and system-wise, he can come with any shape. He knows it all.”

In a nutshell

To understand the transition taking place in United, look beyond the won, drawn and lost columns. You realize the positives are there.

Perhaps, their manager’s mind and the message is clear and collected.