In the last two premier league games, Solskjaer has shown his love for the young and vibrant players. This season will possibly send some players to the bench.


The first game against Chelsea was one the youngest squad of the week with an average at the age of 24 years and 227 days. Solskjaer’s squad against wolves has a slightly lower average at the age of 24 years and 173 years.

This clearly shows Solskjaer determination to arrange the Manchester United squad on his own personal ways. If he was to arrange the squad ordinarily, then we could have seen the full-backs, Chris Smalling and Phil Jones. The veteran midfielder, Nemanja Matic would have also appeared in at least one of the last two games.

Who will be affected

Solskjaer could not even secure a seat on the bench for both Smalling and Jones in the 4-0 against Chelsea and 1-1 against Wolves. Their demotion might be due to the spectacular performance that Harry Maguire and Victor Lindelof shown in the two recent matches.

The two lads extended their contracts last year with an option of further extension of one year. It means that Smalling and Jones can be Manchester United defenders until the age of 34 and 31 respectively.

Matic is another lad who is fighting to escape Solskjaer squad. Scott McTominay, 22 and Andreas Pereira, 23 have shown a huge potential to fit in the Solskjaer’s young squad. Only Juan Mata, 31 managed to appear in the last two games, the other legends did not get a chance.

The other legend who has been hugely affected is the veteran forward, Alexis Sanchez. He was signed from Arsenal after showing spectacular performance in the Wenger’s squad. Since he joined Old Trafford, the lad has not been so critical as he used to be in Fly Emirates. He is currently fighting a transfer to Italian Serie A to join Lukaku at Inter Milan.

The bare truth is; Solskjaer is looking for the best technique for a better the United’s squad. Having some players in the bench is not a big deal the FIFA law only requires 11 players per squad.

Final Word

The league just started two weeks ago and there are still a number of games to judge. Solskjaer has a better place for the legends. There are other leagues to be played. Solskjaer is surely going to choose some legends in the coming tournaments.