Just a month ago, no one could imagine that we would be in the final phase of the season without football. Obviously, health comes first and then follows everything else. Let’s imagine how would the 2019-2020 season evolve the top-5 leagues and Champions League, if not COVID-19. These leagues left us with a lot of questions.

Champions League


The realistic scenario – let’s just talk about postponed meetings: conditional on Liverpool – Atletico Madrid couple doesn’t make any sense to discuss. Manchester City did not waste their advantage over Real Madrid and could easily advance to the 1/4 final.

Barcelona would handle Napoli with the help of the magic of Lionel Messi and the effect of the interior walls. Bayern Munich – Chelsea pair have already decided everything, with Turin’s Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo having comebacked with Lyon.


La Liga


“Blaugrana” and “Blancos” will not determine the champion until the last round. They lame and lose points, and the winner is the one who is at least relatively unstable. Looking at the statistics, at least the least advantage is on the side of the Camp Nou.

Together with Barcelona and Real, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid will complete the Top Four.


Premier League


Champion: Merseyside, and that fact is beyond doubt. More than the first place in the English Premier League, it is interesting to see who will qualify for the Champions League. Leicester City, yes, the Citizens have a ban, two vacancies remain. Nominees: Frank Lampard’s team, Manchester United, Wolverhampton, Sheffield United, Tottenham.

The residents of Stamford Bridge, however, do not give up their busy lives. The fourth team will be the Red Devils. If Citizen’s ban is removed, there will be no more room for Manchester United.


Serie A


Champion: “The Old Lady.” Why Juventus and not Inter or even Lazio? Recent times have shown that there has been a downturn in Inter, while Lazio are not objectively competitors for the Bianconeri. The 4th team of the Italian Championship would be “Goddess.”




Borussia Dortmund and the Red Bulls are unable to compete properly against Bayern Munich. The fourth-place fight is between B. Monchengladbach and Bayer Leverkusen.


League 1


The PSG Championship is a logical event in any parallel world, so there is nothing unusual here. The same goes for “Marseille,” “Lille,” and “Rennes” Euro-Battles. In short, let’s leave everything in the French Championship as it is.