Spain won another match in Nations’ league. Just three days ago they scored four goals against Switzerland but now it seems that they could only score once.

Luis Enrique does not want Asensio in the squad

Journalists asked Luis about the decision regarding Asensio. As you may know, Asensio played for Real Madrid in this season. Spanish attacking midfielder already played in two matches but he could not score the goal. Spanish experts believe that he is in top form and he can dominate the national team too. Luis Enrique can’t agree on this. The coach said that he is not happy with journalists’ opinions. Luis noted that Asensio is a good player but he is not with the team for a reason. He can rest during the national duty and watch Netflix at home – that’s the best thing he can do right now. Enrique noted that he is happy with the current squad and criticizing him for not including Asensio in the squad is just an overreaction.

Only goal from Oyarzabal

Of course Ansu Fati was the main man to pay attention. Luis decided to start the match with him from a very first second. Ansu Fati had a decent game but could not score the goal. 

The only goal was scored by Spain and they took three points. The goal was scored in the first half and it happened thanks to Moreno. After the dribble of Moreno, he assisted Oyarzabal and Real Sociedad midfielder scored the goal.

Actually Spain started with a different lineup. Along with Ansu, Torres and Oyarzabal were playing on the wings. At the same time, Olmo was playing from deep and his main target was to help Ansu score the goal.