What happened after the match in Paris? Los Blancos defense is truly different and has not conceded any goals in the last three games of La Liga. And what about the opponents? Real Madrid has not conceded any goals from Sevilla, Osasuna and Atlético Madrid.

Paris was the lesson for Zidane

Los Blancos played the worst match in Paris so far. PSG won the game 3-0 and used all possible holes in Los Blancos defense. After humiliation, Zidane took a lot of criticism. And all of them were right as Los Blancos was not showing any sign of progress.

What happened after Paris?

Real Madrid woke up after the match in Paris. In the defense side, Los Blancos had lots of problems. Just like Barcelona, Real Madrid was conceding in every game played before Sevilla. Zidane changed the quality of play, and according to insiders, the coach was strict to players who played bad against PSG.

The first step – match against Sevilla

Real Madrid had an away match against Sevilla three days after humiliation from Paris SG. The most loyal fans could not believe in three points or even scoring a goal. What happened on Sunday? Real Madrid took three points and conceded 0 goals. No one could believe in Real Madrid’s transformation, but that happened in just three days after the disastrous match against PSG. Real Madrid was so tight in defense that Sevilla players could not shot on target.

Second step – Match against Osasuna

Zidane decided to rotate some players and give them rest for Madrid derby. Real Madrid won another important match, but surprisingly the team has not conceded a goal for the second time in a row. It was a massive shock for everyone that Osasuna could not shot on target.

Sergio Ramos and Militao played tightly in defensive zones. Osasuna players could not shot on target as Zones were very tight and forwards could not move freely.

Third step – Madrid Derby

Real Madrid had an away match against Atletico on Saturday. Teams played a goalless draw, and again Real Madrid’s defense was on a different level. Atletico Madrid players could not shot on target more than once. So, in the last three matches, opponents of Los Blancos registered only one shot on target.

Transformation in defense

How is it possible to transform defensive play in three matches? For ordinary people, it’s impossible, but there is Zinedine Zidane. As of now, Real Madrid has not conceded any goals in the last three matches. Two of those matches were away from Bernabeu.