Sports Minister confirmed that Serie A will be renewed. The date is June 13 or 20, and the championship will be broadcast on national television.

The renewal of the Serie A has become even more realistic after Italian Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora set potential dates.

Until now, Spadafora has been less supportive of updating the championship. Yesterday, he confirmed that the league and the ministry have two possible dates for the resumption of the tournament – June 13 or 20. By order of Prime Minister Conte, professional sports are banned in Italy until June 14. Although, a few days may be allowed for Serie A.

The second issue that Spadafora touched on was the screening of the championship games on national television. A paid, so-called cable TV that used to be shown in Series A is not for everyone. As a result, fans often gathered in bars to watch football.

Authorities are trying to prevent people from gathering and want the updated championship to be aired on national television so that everyone can watch from home.


Early, so-called afternoon games will no longer be due to the heat


Yesterday, the president of the Players’ Association, Damiano Tommasi, confirmed that there will not be any so-called afternoon games in the renewed championship. That’s because playing in the summer heat in the afternoon will not contribute to the health of the players.

As for the contracts of the players whose terms expire on June 30, Tommasi said that they should sign a so-called gentlemanly agreement with the clubs and stay for another month. Legally, it is impossible to renew contracts or sign a new contract.