Jose Mourinho will look to begin intense tactical training from Wednesday when the players return from their winter break. He’s not considering Manchester United as top-four contenders.


Jose dropped the former team from the list of contenders


Spurs head coach dropped Manchester United from his list of candidates for the first four Premier League finish. Including Sheffield United and the Wolves in the final run. The Blues are currently sitting in fourth place in the top-level standings. Two points were clear to Chris Wilder’s side with the game in hand. Now, “Tottenham Hotspur” is only four points behind the final place of the Champions League, recovering from a bad start to the season since the appointment of Jose to the post of manager in November. Everton a point further on the seventh: “Manchester United” and “Wolves” remained six lag behind “Chelsea” after having tied 0-0 at “Old Trafford” shortly before the winter break.


Even Wolves and Sheffield, except Man Utd

The Gunners will miss the fourth place, slipping to 10th place in the table after 25 fixtures, but Jose refuses to exclude them from the race entirely. Jose Mourinho – who was relieved of head coach duties at Old Trafford in December 2018 – neglected to mention United when listing the teams that, in his opinion, are in dispute over fourth, but left a lot of praise for Sheffield United and wolves. “Wolves and Sheffield United are fighting for the top ten, managers can say no, and I see if they say no, but the reality is that they are. Not only because of the position that they are on the table but because of power and quality.” Everton’s head coach told reporters.


Sunday match: Aston Villa Vs. Spurs

“They come to a situation wherein the eyes of everyone they should be more than happy, but no more than happy.”Sheffield bought a talented player Sander Berge for £ 22 million. They broke their market record to try to improve their team. “So it’s not just about Spurs, The Gunners, The Blues, and Everton. It’s not just us. We are also talking about these two clubs, which I have to say are fantastic.“Tottenham is due to return on Sunday when they take a trip to Aston Villa, with the Red Devils and Chelsea to meet at Stamford Bridge a day later. After that, Mourinho will begin to prepare his players for the Champions League knockout stages.

Tottenham plays host to “RB Leipzig” at the first stage of their last in the 16th link, as it seems to go one better than last season’s final appearance. After that, the North London club holds a meeting with its own Chelsea for talks three days before welcoming the “Wolves” at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on March 1.