The German Wolfsburg leadership has made a surprise decision that the club will resume training on Monday. It is known that the exercises will be conducted in four groups, away from each other.

As it turns out, the Wolves are going to resume training at the main pitch of the team’s stadium and not at the training center. Thus, players will be able to maintain a certain distance during training.

The players will be divided into four groups. So, they will go through the exercises. However, this is hard to explain what they are expecting from this.

“The players will only have physical training without the ball. Four isolated dressings and showers will be disinfected after each use,” said Wolfsburg’s managing director, Joerg Schmadtke.

Wolfsburg’s decision is based on the fact that the date of the Bundesliga renewal is still April 3. It seems like the Wolves still do not lose hope that the season will resume at the time that was initially scheduled.

On the other hand, the team says that if Coronavirus postpones the renewal of the season, Wolfsburg will suspend training again.

Let’s also say that according to the calendar, on April 4, the Wolves are expecting a match against Bayer in Leverkusen.

For the decision, Wolfsburg will, of course, be criticized as there is an increasing number of infected football players all around the world.


33 infected – Coronavirus has already brought together 3 football teams


The amount of people infected with coronavirus worldwide is increasing daily. By this time, the disease had already reached 320,000 people, with a death toll of 13,689.

Not surprisingly, there are athletes among those infected, and specifically footballers. At this time, Coronavirus has already confirmed 33 players, including several well-known players.

Four of the infected players are Bundesliga players: Maximilian Mittelstadt (Hertha), Luka Kiljin (Paderborn), Janes-Kilian Horn, Timo Hubers (both – Hanover).