Raheem Sterling wants to win both the UCL and the Association Cup. The City player is playing well in the Champions League.

After Liverpool won the Premier League, the main goal of Manchester City is to succeed in the Champions League. Given the fact that City could be out of the European Championships for two years, winning the current Champions League for the “Cityzens” will be special.

In addition to the Champions League, City have another chance to win the title. The team has already reached the semi-finals of the FA Cup, where their opponent will be Arsenal. The Manchester team will also fight to win this tournament.

Raheem Sterling, a Manchester City player, spoke about this. Raheem wants to finish the season successfully and aims to win the Champions League and the Association Cup.

“It’s hard to see how Liverpool won our title, but they had a great year. They were fantastic and deserved the title. I hope we can finish the season well and reach the finals of the Association and Champions League. We will be successful in the rest of the tournament, “Sterling said.

Raheem Sterling has made 27 appearances in the Premier League this season, scoring 13 goals and assisting four. The Englishman also looks good in the Champions League, where he has scored five goals in 7 matches and made four assists.