Real Madrid’s defender Raphael Varane admitted that it’s possible to stop Lionel Messi. For most of the teams, it’s impossible to stop the riot of Argentinean genius.

How can any team stop Lionel Messi?

Raphael Varane talked about different things. Young French player joined Real Madrid back in 2011 when he was just 18 years old. Back then, Lionel Messi was winning Ballon d’Or trophies again and again. It seems that Varane knows how to stop Lionel.

Varane noted that it’s not easy to stop Messi. According to the defender, no one should defend against Messi in a general way. The team should work together against Lionel Mad. It’s impossible to fight one-on-one against Messi. Barcelona’s player has an extensive set of skills and can pass by any player in the world.

The team should work together, and it’s essential not to give Messi a room for running. If Messi can run for a few meters, then it’s a real nightmare for defenders as they may concede the goal.

Raphael Varane praised Zidane

As a coach, Zidane is something different. He is reticent, but when Zidane talks, everyone stops and listens to him. Zidane was fortunate as a player and had the luck as a coach also.

While talking with sport streaming platform DAZN, Varane recalled the moment when he joined Real Madrid. Varane signed a contract with Real Madrid back in 2011. He says that it was a wonderful moment in his life. At the same time, Varane was very young back then. Raphael says that the ultimate player that he would follow is Cristiano Ronaldo. French defender believes that Cristiano has to be an example in any country for a perfect sportsman. As a defender, Varane praised Pepe and Sergio Ramos. The duo of Pepe and Ramos were playing together in the starting line-up of Real Madrid when Varane joined Los Blancos. The young player knew that it would be impossible to take the place of one of those players.

Varane says that every day he is learning something new from different players. Raphael believes that every footballer should study the mentality of Sergio Ramos. French defender believes that the Real Madrid captain has a winner mentality.