Barcelona and Real Madrid have been keeping tabs on Martinez’s situation in Italy with the former eyeing the Argentine as a long-term replacement for Luis Suarez

Martinez has been in blistering form for Inter Milan this season since he arrived at the San Siro from Racing Club in the 2018 summer.

The 22-year-old has scored 25 goals in 66 games since his arrival and has deservedly attracted interests from Europe’s elite clubs.

Barcelona and Real Madrid have kept tabs on Martinez with Barcelona eyeing him as a long-term replacement for Luiz Suarez.

However, the Barcelona star, Luiz Suarez reckons the Argentine is better off remaining in Serie A.

“If I were him, I wouldn’t change team”. Said Suarez.

“Making a decision on whether to stay or not is very complicated. Although, if Messi called him then it would be easy to think about it.”

“However, we’re talking about a boy who is still very young. He has all the time in the world to go for other challenges in future.”

“Let’s say the truth. He would have less prominence in Spain than he does at Inter.”

“I want to give Lautaro some advice-stay where you are.”

In January, Martinez reassured Inter fans of his focus in helping the Serie A side in their bis to wrest the title from eight-times consecutive champions, Juventus.

He said, “I am doing my best at Inter. My focus is on giving my all on the pitch. I am happy at Inter.”

“We are working on and off the pitch to get the most out of this movement. We are happy because we are doing well. In training we do everything the coach asks from us.”

“We think about our job, to train and improve, we are trying to win all the matches, to stay up there. By working hard with conviction, the results will come.”

Having given an assurance to the Inter Milan fans and being linked with the European giant clubs, will Martinez keep his stance, pick the advice from Suarez or move to Barcelona?