Atletico Madrid faced the Champions of Europe on Wednesday. Team lost the match in Germany and it was frustrating. Atletico conceded four goals in Munich.

Pre-match preparations

Unfortunately to Atletico Madrid fans, the team was not good in Munich. Bayern scored four goals and they never let Atletico to score the goal. Simeone’s team was with a healthy full-squad, so it was very painful for the fans. Simeone was very disappointed after the match but he said that improving the performance is important. On Saturday night, Atletico hosted Real Betis in La Liga.

1st half of the match

Diego Simeone started the match against Real Betis with 4-4-2 formation. Luis Suarez and Correa played as the main strikers. Lemar and Llorrente were playing on the wings. Lemar was the main winger on the left side, while Llorente was running on the right wing. Koke and Torreira were playing in the middle and helping the strikers.

Atletico Madrid had three shots in the first 45 minutes. Unfortunately, the team could not shoot on target. Real Betis was very good in the first half. Their attack was impressive and they had two shots on target in the first half. First 45 minutes finished in a goalless draw.

2nd half of the match

Diego Simeone started the second half with few substitutions. He thought that getting three points was easy in this match with better attacking options. Real Madrid’s ex-player scored the goal right away in the second half. In the 46th minute, Atletico Madrid scored the goal and took the lead. Marcos Llorente was impressive against Real Betis – he owned the midfield and right wing. By the end of the match, Joao Felix was given chance to perform against Betis. After Joao’s substitution, Atletico started playing faster in decisive phrases. In the end of the match, Luis Suarez scored another goal and registered final result – 2:0;