Once Upon a time in Barcelona. Xavi-Iniesta Tandem in Summer could be the best and exciting managing for Barcelona & Football history.


Iniesta’s Visit in his former team


A few days ago, on Monday, Cules former midfielder Andres Iniesta visited the Camp Nou and spoke to ex-coach Valverde. He admitted that Valverde was distressed and talked about the situation in the club. Andres said that he didn’t know if Coach already knew about his leaving, but he was talking about the whole position of himself and Cules. He was happy to see his former coach and teammates. In spite of these warm feelings from the midfielder, Andres did cause a degree of controversy. When he characterized the Blaugrana’s action towards replacing Valverde as “Ugly.” Legend said that anyone who knows him knows how difficult it is for him to criticize Barcelona.


Xavi – it’s too early to Manage Barcelona


As we know from the meeting on January 13, 2020, Xavi rejected the offer from his former team Barcelona. He announced that it’s his dream to coach Barcelona. But at this moment he has to reach the goal with his club Al Sadd. This decision he discussed with family and team. So he decided to stay until 2021. Also, we know from the Cules president Bartomeu, that when Xavi’s contract comes to an end, maybe then he’ll be ready to coach Barcelona team. So Barca fans are hoping that someday their legend will manage the team.


Iniesta – Xavi Coaching in Barcelona?


Xavi-Iniesta tandem sounds do not sound very bad, but now it’s not possible, as Andres Iniesta said in the interview. Also, he admitted that he hasn’t any thoughts about the specific team to work, but as time passes, he likes the idea of becoming a coach. Both legends played together in the Barcelona team for 13 years. Midfielders of The Barcelona Club both together scored 142 goals with a team shirt. But in the National team, they scored 13-13 goals. Together they are the face of philosophy of the Cules. The hegemony of the club, National team, and the whole world.


Relationship with Lionel Messi

In recent days the most talented and iconic footballer is Leo Messi. But not everyone knows that this merit of Xavi and Iniesta. They were playing the leading role to link together the whole team. But anyway these three players were the best trio in football history. They took football on another level. Accordingly to this, if Xavi-Iniesta tandem occurred as Barca managers, we can hope for the breathtaking and amazing new era of Barcelona.