Dana is back with a new episode of the “Off the pitch”. She will review the latest rumors in European football world.


Super League and furious Fifa/Uefa

English media leaked the documents again about Super League. As you may know, Florentino Perez and giant clubs in Europe want to create a Super League. If we look closely at the documents, it’s visible that there will be 15 founding teams. The Premier League will have a big presence in the Super League. Top-tier teams of the Premier League will play this league. Manchester United, City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham are very much interested in big tournaments. At the same time, we will see Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico from Spain. Italian teams will also have a spot in the tournament. Inter Milan, AC Milan and Juve are ready to sign the agreement. Those teams will be founding members and they will never lose a spot in the tournament. At the same time, there are still negotiations with Bayern Munich, PSG and other European clubs. Giants of Euro football want to create a big tournament for a long-term plan and obviously they will get more profit for media rights.


PSG is looking for a Mbappe’s replacement

Kylian Mbappe wants to leave the team in summer. It’s obvious that Perez and Madrid are interested in the transfer of French striker. Keep in mind that Kylian is playing well this season and wants to score more goals not only in the domestic league but also in the Champions League. PSG has a chance to win Champions League and League 1. PSG is looking for Mbappe’s replacement and they might sign Salah. Egypt national team’s player had a bad season in Liverpool and he may look for a new club this summer. Salah will play on the different wing but PSG won’t have a goal-scoring drought. 

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