Barcelona’s players are not happy with current results. As you may know, Barca lost two matches in a row. First was on Saturday against Cadiz. Then Barca lost the match against Juventus.

Antoine Griezmann is not happy

French striker met with journalists on Thursday. He said that Barca’s players are very sad after the result. Juventus was better, admitted Griezmann. Barcelona’s players lacked everything – motivation, attitude and desire to win. Griezmann said that he is not happy with current form. He noted that he will try to improve his physical conditions and skills. Unfortunately to him, Griezmann is not showing world-class skills under Barcelona. French player said that they are working harder every day to win more matches.

Griezmann said that players are the ones to blame. Fans are right in mind of Griezmann because Barca’s players can’t play like that. Griezmann said that there is no excuse for the loss. 

Ter Stegen said that team was not prepared properly

German goalkeeper was very sad after the match. Even in the first half, Ter Stegen conceded two goals and it was visible that the goalkeeper was mad at the players. After the match, Ter Stegen said that they can’t have an excuse. Goalkeeper noted that Barca’s players were not prepared properly. According to Ter Stegen, the team lost the match in the first few minutes of the match. Barca’s main squad was not ready for a big pressure from Juventus’ attacking line. Ter Stegen said that 3-0 loss left a big scar on Barca’s current situation. Goalkeeper said that the team will keep working harder than before. They have to change the situation to win trophies this season.