Marc-Andre Ter Stegen believes that two humiliated matches in the Champions league happened because of psychological issues. Barcelona lost two essential games in the last two seasons. First was in Rome two years ago when Roma scored three goals against Barcelona. Another happened last season when Liverpool turned everything around, scoring four against Blaugrana.

Is it a psychological or tactical issue?

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen met with 11 Feundre’s journalists on Saturday. Barcelona’s goalkeeper talked about everything – career, personal life, Barcelona, and Manuel Neuer.

Stegen thinks that matches against Roma and Liverpool were all about psychology. Ter Stegen admitted that team players were not psychologically ready for come-back. Liverpool scored four goals at Anfield and qualified for the Champions League final. Marc thinks that it was one of the most embarrassing matches of his career.

Ter Stegen admitted that every player should pay attention to psychology. The goalkeeper said that tactically, everything was fine – only players could not execute everything correctly. At the same time, Marc-Andre believes that every team should focus intensely on psychological issues. German player also mentioned that the whole team was frozen and could not attack successfully.

Could this happen to Barcelona again?

Ter Stegen said that he couldn’t predict anything. Goalkeeper believes that if players don’t pay attention to psychological conditions before matches, it could happen again.

Playing along with Lionel Messi and Griezmann

The German player is very positive about playing along with Messi. The goalkeeper said that it’s a great pleasure to play with the world’s most celebrated football player.

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen also mentioned that moments are critical. Goalkeeper thinks that inside-team moments are more important than any trophy. As it seems, Ter Stegen is enjoying every moment in Barcelona and wants to play for more years at a high level.

Is there beef between Neuer and Ter Stegen?

Marc-Andre also answered questions about Uli Hoeness controversy. Hoeness is the author of a controversial statement. Bayern’s president said that he wouldn’t send Bayern’s players on international duty if Neuer is not a starter for Germany.

Ter Stegen said that it was an entertaining statement. The goalkeeper said that he is very close to Meneuer. Even though both players are fighting for the same position, goalkeepers are very close. According to Marc-Andre, players are always talking about different stuff, and they exchange advice about football and life.