The testing of players and staff of Bundesliga clubs in Germany has already started. Testing for the Covid-19 has already been carried out by 5 club staff and players. From here, no one in the club is infected.

No one has been identified in Borussia Dortmund, Werder Bremen, Bayer Leverkusen, Eintracht Frankfurt, and Union Berlin. But there are infected people in Koln.

Two players and a physiotherapist have been identified to have Covid-19 in Koln. According to the club, the infected people have no symptoms, and they have been transferred to a 14-day quarantine. The names and surnames of the infected were not made public.


Birger Verstraete made critical statements


Koln executives are considering starting with an exercise plan. Because of this, the Belgian football player of the “Billy Goats” Birger Verstraete made critical statements.

“The club said they had no contact with the infected players and that’s true. But as for the physiotherapist – he treated other players and me for weeks. We are not in quarantine, and it is very strange.

When we see what is happening in the resuscitation departments of different clinics, we find that now football is not the most important thing. It would be naive of me to say that the Bundesliga should be renewed as soon as possible.

The virus shows that we need to take it seriously. I can’t decide whether the Bundesliga should continue or not. But I can tell you that I don’t really think about football right now. The health of my loved ones is the most important thing, ”the Koln player told Belgian TV station VTM.

In Koln, they did not like Verstraete’s statement. According to the “Bild,” the club’s leaders immediately planned a meeting with him. Koln chef Horst Held will talk to him in person.

Recall that the Bundesliga chefs plan to renew the German championship in May and are now waiting for the consent of the government and doctors. Club testing on Coronavirus has started because of this.