We will see only four matches of the 26th round in the Premier League. During the weekend, we will see four games, and let’s cover three games right now.

Everton V Crystal Palace

Everton will host the first match on Saturday. Crystal Palace will be a guest club, and it could be an exciting game.

Both teams are very close to each other in the standings of the league. Liverpool based club has only 33 points while Crystal Palace could get 30 points. If Crystal Palace defeats Everton at their stadium, then the team can outperform Everton in the Premier League table too.

The last five matches were terrible for Crystal Palace. For instance, the Palace could play a draw against Manchester City and Arsenal. Crystal Palace scored two goals in an away game against Guardiola’s team. Roy Hodgson’s side is perfect in defense but can’t score many goals. For instance, Crystal Palace scored only 22 goals this season in the Premier League. Keep in mind that the team was eliminated from the FA Cup in the starting point.

The first-round match between these teams happened in August of 2019. None of the teams could score, so they have played a goalless draw. Everton is in good shape if we take a look at the last matches. Everton could win two out for the previous four games.

Sheffield United V Bournemouth

Sheffield United is a genuinely phenomenal club this year. Keep in mind that the team is in 6th position, and has more points than Manchester United, Arsenal, Wolves, Everton, etc.

There is a different situation regarding Bournemouth. The team can’t play well this season, and it’s visible in the standings of the Premier League. The club is in 16th position – one point away from the relegation zone.

Sheffield could win the last match. It was an away game against Crystal Palace, and Sheffield could win in an exciting drama. Sheffield scored only one goal and got easy three points from Crystal Palace. Unite has a chance to extend their lead to Manchester United, an Arsenal in the table of Premier League.

The first-round match between those teams happened on 10th August of 2019. Bournemouth was the host but could not win the game. Both sides scored goals and ended the game in a draw.

Manchester City V West Ham

Pep Guardiola’s team has a terrible situation currently. Liverpool is the leader of the Premier League and already 22 points ahead of Manchester City. Pep’s team lost a previous round match against Tottenham. The North London based team scored two goals while Manchester could not react appropriately. As it seems, the Spanish coach is very confused and frustrated lately. The coach is not happy with the current situation, and it’s visible during the press-conferences.

At the same time, West Ham is in the relegation zone. No one could predict such a scenario at the start of the season. West Ham has an excellent squad but could not get a perfect performance in the Premier League. The team could not even win the match in the previous five games. David Moyes is frustrated too but wants to take more time and help the team recover from the relegation zone.

Officially, Raheem Sterling won’t be able to play against West Ham. English winger had a hamstring injury. He got injured against Tottenham, so overall it was a horrible match for Pep. At the same time, Manchester City won’t have Leroy Sane and Laporte.

Manchester City won the first-round match between these teams. It happened in August of 2019, and Guardiola’s side scored five goals without conceding. It was the first match West Ham bosses had a terrible future for the club. In the latest press-conference, Pep Guardiola requested from journalists not to ask questions about the Premier League trophy. Spanish coach noted that it’s already possible who the winner is.

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