Very popular newspaper “The Times” published a draft for the potential Super League. Fifa was very frightened with the draft and made a very fast announcement on their official website.

18 pages of draft – what’s actually a Super League?

The journalists of the “Times” newspapers just published a very interesting draft. It contains around 18 pages of structure of the league. Super League will be very powerful and it’s really interesting to see how things could go regarding the league. There will be 15 founding teams and don’t forget that the top-6 clubs of the Premier League will be there. We should note that founding teams will be permanent members of the Super League. Five other teams (league MUST have 20 teams in total) will be invited every season. 

The newspaper wrote one column to Real Madrid and it’s president. It’s believed that Florentino Perez is ready for a giant leap in the football industry. During the board members meeting, Florentino said that Los Blancos should be the example of progress and football has to be improved, so he gave us hints regarding the Super League. There will be 20 teams every season (15 founding members) and they will be divided into two divisions. Each division will have 10 clubs and each team has to play against all the opponents in it’s division (home and away games). So, after 18 rounds Super League will be taken to quarter finals. Only the top four teams of each division will play in quarter finals. JP Morgan is the main investor in this case. Keep in mind that founding members will get 350 million Euros at first just for participating. 

FIFA’s official statement

It was not a surprise that Fifa made a very fast official statement. Fifa wrote that every team/player will be banned from Fifa’s tournaments (Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, Euro Cup, etc.) if they participate in this kind of league. It’s very interesting how players can say no to World Cup participation.