Real Madrid’s goalkeeper talked with the journalists. He talked about the relationships with the captain of Los Blancos, Coaching staff, etc.

Close connection with Zinedine Zidane

Coutois said that he was not close with Zidane at first. In summer of 2019, Thibaut had a very deep conversation with Zidane and that’s why everything changed. Courtois believes that deep conversation with Zidane changed his place in the team. Keep in mind that Zidane is a big fan of rotations but he is not rotating the goalkeeper position. Courtois is first choice for every match in La Liga or Champions League. At first Zidane and Courtois were distant from each other but they are now very close.

It was not easy for Sergio Ramos

Thibaut said that it was not easy for Sergio Ramos. Keep in mind that Keylor Navas was a good friend of Sergio Ramos. The captain of the team always made jokes and laughed along with Navas. They had a really good relationship. Thibaut said that he knew about the situation and Sergio was not happy because of the changes. At first Sergio was also distant from the goalkeeper but everything changed. Courtois said that time heals and changes everything. At this point Ramos and Courtois played a lot of games and won many trophies. Keep in mind that Courtois respects the captain of the team and believes that he will give the team few trophies this season.

Best goalkeeper in the world?

Journalists asked him about the best goalkeeper in the world. It’s interesting whether Courtois names himself as the best goalkeeper in the world. He said that he is not involved in those competitions. Courtois does not like to be compared with other goalkeepers because has really good friendship with others.