Thibaut Courtois gave an exciting interview to Radio station Marca. Belgian player talked about everything – Real Madrid, trophies, and his personality.

Winning all possible trophies at Real Madrid

Thibaut said that Real Madrid demands the awards from every player. It’s not a surprise because goalkeeper believes that Los Blancos is the biggest club in the world.

Belgian goalkeeper noted that everything starts in January of 2020. First, they have to face Valencia at Supercopa, then Cola Del Rey, La Liga and Champions League. Thibaut believes that Real Madrid can win all possible trophies as a team has a strong squad.

Thibaut wants to make history at Real Madrid. Player believes that winning all possible trophies in 2020 would change the course of Real Madrid’s history.

Competition with Keylor Navas

Thibaut Courtois believes that competition with Keylor Navas was fun. Belgian goalkeeper thinks that everything has an end. Keylor was a magnificent player, and Costa Rican deserved all trophies at Real Madrid. At the same time, Thibaut noted that daily trainings with Keylor were enjoyable and amusing. In the end, they were competing for one place in the starting lineup.

Being a fan of Real Madrid in childhood

Courtois said that he was a Real Madrid fan in childhood. Belgian goalkeeper noted that dreaming about Real Madrid was impossible. Thibaut Courtois mentioned the relative who was Real Madrid’s fan also. The goalkeeper said that relative was attending Real Madrid matches a lot, and every time he was buying a t-shirt for Thibaut. Courtois noted that as a child, he had a big Los Blancos banner on the wall of his room.

Challenging Gareth Bale for Spanish interview

Thibaut Courtois said that Gareth Bale is excellent in the Spanish language. Goalkeeper wants to challenge the Welsh player. Thibaut noted that Gareth Bale should give a full Spanish interview to Marca, and then people will believe in his language efficiency.

Thibaut has a vacation from the football team. The player spent three days in Miami, where he could even attend the NBA game of Miami Heat.