“If he changes his job, he will return to Germany and become the coach of Bayern Munich.” – According to Steve McManaman, Jurgen Klopp will not agree to train Spanish grandees.

English Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp will take over at Bayern Munich in the future. This opinion was expressed by the former star of the English team Steve McManaman. The English player made a comment to the British Daily Star.

“I think he really loves Liverpool and the Premier League. But if he changes his job, he will return to Germany and become Bayern’s coach. The Munich structure and the special relationship with the German coaches will have its say.

A few years ago, Bayern seemed to have nothing of the old glory. However, they now have a good lineup: experienced players and youngsters who are on the verge of great victories. I don’t think Klopp will go to La Liga and take over Real Madrid or Barcelona. There is no longer any interest in the controversy between Messi and Ronaldo. There is a conflict between the management and the players in Barça, and in Real Madrid, there will be a big rejuvenation, and it will take some time to form a new team. ”

McManaman, 48, played for Liverpool in 1990-99, then for Real Madrid (1999-2003) and Manchester City (2003-05), and made 37 appearances for England. Klopp, 52, joined Liverpool in 2015. Before that, he still coached (2001-08) and Dortmund (2008-15).