For years, Manchester United has not been a leader after 17 rounds. The next Mancunians will have a big fight with Liverpool.

Even so! Manchester United topped the Premier League standings, and at the same time, it happened with a decisive, very cool goal by Paul Pogba. Months ago, it was very hard to imagine that we would ever have to write such a sentence, but now that is a fact. When we recall that as early as November, United were even in 15th place, and Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola declared Paul’s Manchester career virtually over, doubly astonishing both the Mancunian leadership and the role of the French midfielder in this.

“It was a great game, but we have a big story ahead of us,” Pogba said in an interview with the BBC after the winning goal against Burnley. We need to stay calm, now is our biggest moment. We are ready to fight Liverpool! ” More euphoric was the comment of United head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: “We are in a precarious situation. We know that nothing will come easily. But we are very upset! ”

The fact is that the duel between Manchester United and Liverpool, which will take place on January 17 at Anfield, could not have been a better moment than this. Before the 18th round, United leads the Premier League with 36 points, while Liverpool is in second place with 33 points. Yeah, all that sounds pretty crap to me. It looks like Manchester United were last in first place in 2012 after 17 rounds and that season (2012-2013) they also became English champions.