According to the Italian, Ronaldo and Dybala are not helping to protect Juve. The 74-year-old specialist praises Massimiliano Allegri and Zinedine Zidane.

Famous Italian specialist Fabio Capello has criticized Turin-based Juventus strikers, Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala. The 74-year-old specialist, who won the Italian championship twice in his time at the Turin Grand, believed that the Portuguese and Argentine were avoiding their defensive functions and thus creating many problems for their teammates.

Turin’s Juventus is in the 6th position in the tournament table of the Italian championship and is already 10 points behind the leader Milan.

“When Dybala is in order, he can do a lot on the pitch, even when he plays alongside Morata and Ronaldo. Cristiano does almost nothing in the defensive phase. He helps the team a little bit in Dybala. But the team supports them when they are in good shape.

A lot depends on specific opponents and matches. The principle – “I will do it myself, and others will take care of themselves” no longer works. Those who prepare for the game with such an attitude will not benefit the team.

Does Pirlo work with Dybala the same way I worked with Del Piero? Yes, there are some similarities. Both are great players. Sometimes I had to treat Del Piero in particular and put him on the bench.

Good coaches prepare for specific matches, set tactics according to the opponent, make corrections. “The changes in the course of the match will have the best impact on Zidane and Allegri,” Capello was quoted as saying by Italian media.

Fabio Capello coached Juventus Turin in 2004-06, and the team won the Serie A title twice. The specialist has also worked successfully in Milan, Real Madrid and Roma.