Chelsea is one of six Premier League clubs committed to the new Super League proposals, but Thomas Tuchel believes they will make the right decisions when it comes to future planning.

Toughest competition

It is not surprising that plans are now being drawn up to hold a separate competition with the top clubs in Europe, given how long this work has been going on, but the movement in this department has met with widespread condemnation. Chelsea are among those who have felt the full force of this reaction, and their own supporters oppose decisions made at the board level, and it remains to be seen if competitive action will ever take place.

Thomas Tuchel was put in a tricky situation when he had to fend off questions over Super League proposals, with the German telling reporters ahead of the Premier League clash with Brighton on Tuesday that he has known this since yesterday, but he is here to be in the toughest competition. This is why he loves to play the toughest competition in Europe and that is why he is in Chelsea. He added that his Chelsea badge says that he has to play his role and his role is to be the coach, to be focused and they have an important game tomorrow.


Tuchel’s opinion on Super League

When asked if he sees what is happening in the European Super League, he said that if he had a clear opinion right now, he would not have mentioned it. But it is too early to judge this, and there are too many opinions. He trusts this club and his work is very clear. Perhaps he is not the right person to ask about it. He understands why there are many emotional reactions, but he does not know enough about it and that he and the players trust the club, they are employees. It is better not to interfere with sports politics and this situation. It’s over their heads.