A documentary about Toni Kroos has shown different sides of the player. The movie was premiered a few days ago, and we saw a different side of the German player.

Toni Kroos as an emotional person

As you may know, Toni Kroos is the most stable player in Germany and Real Madrid. German player never shows the emotion and expression on his face is always the same. Even if a player scores a goal, his face stays the same.

Toni’s wife talked about his emotional side. Jessy noted that Toni is a compassionate person, but it is not visible on the pitch. Kroos wife mentioned that the player needs time to open up in every relationship. It does not matter whether you get the functional expression on him or not; it will take time for Toni to show the real emotional side. Jessy said that Toni is one of the most emotional persons on the earth. Media could show his emotionless face, but his true friends know the real personality.

Taking care of his boots

The German player is addicted to boots. Toni notes that from early childhood, he was the one taking care of boots. Kroos believes that cleaning the boots is more than just a ritual. Los Blancos player noted that it’s essential to have clean boots while playing on a big stage.

Advice from grandparents

Real Madrid’s player said that he is always saving energy for the second half. Toni recalled the moment when his grandpa told about the second half and energy saving. Since then, Toni is trying hard to save energy for the second half.

The bad scenario at Bayern Munich

Toni Kroos said that he was not happy in Munich. Toni’s wife, Jessy, noted that the player was not a happy man at Bayern Munich. Bayern’s authorities recall the moment when they gave the player the most significant wage possible and how Toni said that he would pass on this opportunity. It was a life-changing moment for Toni Kroos as he signed for Real Madrid, and the rest is history.