Real Madrid lost the match against Shakhtar. Los Blancos visited Kiev for a Champions League match. After the loss, Toni Kroos answered questions from journalists.

Playing well in first half

Toni Kroos believes that Los Merengues was playing well in the first half. Kroos added that Real Madrid pressed very high in the first half. There were many good moments where the away team could score but they could not. Toni added that a bit of luck would be good for the team but it didn’t happen. German midfielder said that playing well in the first half is not enough and that’s why Shakhtar won the match. Unfortunately Real Madrid could score many goals but they ended up losing it. Toni Kroos added that Shakhtar had zero shots on target in the first half. German midfielder was surprised by the mentality change of Ukrainian team. They could quickly adapt to changes and score two goals.

Real Madrid can’t change the dynamic of the game

Unfortunately for Toni Kroos, Real Madrid can’t change the dynamic when losing. It’s been numerous times when the exact same thing happened. In this case, Shakhtar scored the goal and Real Madrid could not react. That was the main thought from Zidane last week when they lost the La Liga game. It’s visible that midfield can’t react properly to the dynamics while losing a match. Toni Kroos said that it’s a big problem indeed. German player promised to keep improving every week. Toni also mentioned the fact that they have to play every three days. The schedule is very tight and that’s why players get injuries. Real Madrid is missing the 4-5 players from the starting line-up every match. Along with Toni Kroos, Luka Modric also said that Real Madrid is ready to win the last match in the group. Croatian player said that the last match in Madrid will decide everything.