German midfielder met with the media before the clash against Atalanta. Toni Kroos was confident and happy during the media meet-up.


Few words about Atalanta

Toni Kroos admitted the joy he gets while playing in the Champions League. He noted that Los Blancos players enjoy every minute playing against Champions of different countries. Toni said that Atalanta is a very strong team from Italy. The player said that Atalanta is very good in the defensive line although they have a good attacking line. Toni will try his best to put pressure on the defense of Atalanta. Real Madrid’s midfielder said that the team is in a good run. It’s visible in La Liga that Real Madrid is back and the squad wants to win every possible trophy by the end of the season.


Toni Kroos as a leader

Journalist asked Toni about the leadership qualities. Toni admitted that he is not a leader and can’t see himself in this position. German midfield noted that he just wants to play for the best club in the world. Kroos is doing his job in the midfield and he will do everything that Zidane asks.


Injuries – Biggest problem for Real Madrid

Toni Kroos said that Los Blancos has lots of injured players. He is not convinced by the reasons and admitted that there are many reasons why injuries could happen. Toni was very short and concise. He said that looking after a body is very important – that’s why he rarely gets injured during the season. Toni Kroos said that he never talked with injured players about the injuries, recoveries and fitness. Real Madrid’s players are sure that the current healthy squad will do everything against Italian club. They will do best to score goals and win the game in Italy. Real Madrid will face Atalanta on Wednesday night.