Toni Kroos met with journalists before the match against Real Sociedad. German midfielder talked about his current professional career, retirement, national team, etc.

Retirement is closer than we may think

Journalists asked the player about health and fitness levels. Toni Kroos noted that he is 30, and it’s a perfect time to think about life after football. Player mentioned his ambition could be winning more, but he knows the limits of the body. Toni is ready to retire early because his body needs more rest and treatment. Players believe that footballers must play until the body gives him enough resources. Real’s player said that he wouldn’t play until 38. He has contracted with Real Madrid until 2023, and he may leave professional football as the contract expires.

Family comes first

Toni Kroos noted that the family is happy in Madrid. Kids go to school, and they are pleased in Madrid. At the same time, the family has the leading vote when deciding to leave Madrid or not. Kroos said that everyone in the family is happy, and if someone decided to leave the country, his football career would change accordingly.

Winning more trophies

Kroos said that he wants to win more trophies like before. Player mentioned the hungry mentality Zidane gives to players. German midfielder added one exciting fact – winning trophies gets addictive. Player said that the more trophies you win, the more addictive it gets.

Toni Kroos said that the Champions League example is brilliant. The team won the 11th Champions League in 2016 with Zidane, and it was for a French man as a leading coach. Overall, Real Madrid won three consecutive Champions Leagues under Zinedine Zidane. Toni Kroos noted that staying hungry in football is very important. If a player can’t motivate himself, then someone is wrong with him. Kroos hailed Zidane for the right coaching approach and motivational skills.