Marca journalists met with Toni Kroos. Before the game against Spain, German player gave an honest interview with the national team. He also talked about Real Madrid and trophies under Zidane.

Fans gave me energy in 2014

Toni Kroos recalled his arrival at Real Madrid. In 2014, Perez decided to sign Toni Kroos. German midfield was a player of Bayern Munich back then. Football experts still believe that Perez paid a few millions of legendary German players. Toni mentioned that Real Madrid fans were excited and very happy with his arrival. Kroos believes that in Germany to get ovations, you need to play well at first. In Spain everything is different – Toni said that Real Madrid fans were happy for him even though he has not played the first match.

When Carlo Ancelotti called him in 2014

Kroos recalled a moment when a legendary Italian coach called him. Carlo explained Toni the role he would get at Real Madrid. Toni says that he was very impressed and excited because Real Madrid was a winner of the Champions league by that time. So, the coach asking Toni to improve the midfield of the Champions League winner club was another level of confidence.

Real Madrid is a big part in Toni’s journey

German player is very thankful to Real Madrid fans. He was just 24 years old when left Germany for Madrid. Toni Kroos said that living in Madrid is very comfortable for his family. At the same time, a good squad is a perfect way to get a comfortable life. Team is together and the squad always helps each other.

Lack of consistency

Toni Kroos said that the team lacks something. It could be related to injuries, Covid virus, etc. Toni also mentioned that there is no place for excuses. German player said that Zidane controls everything and he will improve the team’s performance in the next few weeks.