Along with Zinedine Zidane, Toni Kroos met with the media. Before the match against Monchengladbach, Kroos talked about the team’s targets this season.

Real Madrid players never give up

Toni Kroos said that Real Madrid players never give up. GErman player said that Los Blancos had shown very big ambitions on Saturday. Real Madrid won the first El Clasico of the season. The Los Blancos team scored three goals and had many real moments to score more. Kroos said that everyone believes in Zidane. Toni Kroos mentioned that Zidane has never questioned the loyalty of players. German players noted that Zidane gave them hope and trust, so Real Madrid won in Catalonia.

Return to the Germany

German player said that he is happy being in Germany again. It’s his country, his language – everything is familiar here. At the same time, Toni Kroos noted that playing in Spain for six years made him fall in love Spanish culture too. Toni noted that he loves Madrid and playing for the biggest team in the world. Midfielder said that he wants to finish his career in Madrid.

Toni Kroos loves improving his style

German midfielder said that every Madrid player loves improving their style of play. Especially under Zinedine Zidane, they improve their strategies too. Toni Kroos noted that when someone stays at a high level for so many years, it means that they want to improve. Kroos noted that every training day is the key to improvement. Regarding the goals, Toni mentioned that last season was the biggest for him. He noted that he scored many goals last season but it’s not his priority. Sometimes the ball goes in the net and sometimes the goalkeepers are playing perfectly. The main thing is to create many chances to convert most of those moments.