“Billy Gilmour reminds me of Roy Keane – he’s so fearless”. Said Tony Cascarino after Chelsea FC youngster shines in the FA Cup win over Liverpool FC.

Billy Gilmour has the same attributes as Roy Keane

According to Tony Cascarino, who praised the Chelsea midfielder for showing him against Liverpool in the FA Cup. Billy Gilmour has the same “stubbornness in his game” as Roy Keane. On Tuesday evening, Chelsea went to the quarterfinals of the competition with a victory over Liverpool at the Stamford Bridge with a score of 2-0 thanks to goals by Willian and Ross Barkley. Frank Lampard made several changes to the team. Which were held to a draw 2-2 in Bournemouth on the weekend, 18-year-old Gilmour designed to play with Mateo Kovacic and Barkley in the middle of the park.

Gilmour showed maturity and fearless

The Scottish played for the Blues, only his fifth senior appearance. Still, he showed maturity and complaisance on the ball. Disgracing his tender age, acting as the architect of most of Chelsea’s best moments in 90 minutes. Gilmour’s performance reminded Cascarino, the legend of Man United, Roy Keane. He was just as confident during his younger days with Nottingham Forest and the Republic of Ireland national team.”He was cast in the deep ending and swam, he had no question at all,” the former Chelsea striker told reporters.”In the first 15 minutes, he set the standard for the game, just hitting it, having that inner faith and dictating the pace of the midfield.

“Not wanting to go up because I’m just as guilty as everyone in that I’m doing this and rejoice at what you see, but I remember that at that age, Roy was very similar.” Roy Keane demanded the ball, when I first saw him at the Nottingham Forest, and then when he got into the Irish team, Roy just liked having the ball, he demanded it, “give me it.” Billy Gilmour did it. “Keane was a little older when he first came from Ireland, but if I compare it to what I see from the 18-year-old, Roy had such stubbornness in his game where he just wanted the ball and never dodged anything.”It is what Billy did last night.”


Billy Gilmour can now be in line to save a place in Lampard’s team when Chelsea play host on Sunday with Everton, which is a game with a mandatory victory in their quest to finish in the top-four of the Premier League.