Klopp’s Liverpool is an example for Antonio Conte. Ahead of the away match against Genoa, Inter head coach Antonio Conte held a press conference.

Nerazzurri played 2-2 at home to Gladbach in the first round of the group stage of the Champions League after the derby with Milan.

The Italian coach cited Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool as an example. According to him, the Merseyside club, together with the German specialist, won the first title almost four years later. Today, Liverpool is a monster team whose past is exemplified by Contest:

We must not spare any effort, and we must put 100% in every match. We will do the same. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Klopp, Liverpool is the best example. It took almost four years for this team to win its first title. They knew they were building something big and grand, and they were moving forward step by step to achieve the desired result. And today this team is a real monster.

We too are building something important, and I believe we are on the right track. We were better in the match against Gladbach, and we were better than the opponent. Despite the result, I am satisfied with the quality of my team’s game and outstanding fighting ability. Our idea is always the same: play the way a big club fits.