Bayern Munich have not won the Champions League since 2013 and may never have a better chance of winning this tournament as they do this year.

The 2019-20 season of the Champions League is quite exciting. Unlike previous years, the tournament has no apparent favorites. Rather, those who are considered favorites are in pretty bad shape. All this makes the tournament very interesting, but one dormant giant will definitely try to take this chance.


3. Other grands are in bad shape


Liverpool concentrated entirely on Premier League wins this year. The team have recently lost against Atletico in Madrid. Barcelona and Real Madrid have much bigger problems than in previous years. Most of the teams in good shape are very inexperienced.

Bayern, unlike everyone, is very experienced and in excellent shape.


2. Robert Lewandowski is in the best shape


Robert Lewandowski leads the most productive season of his career and is also leading the Bundesliga and Champions League scorers.

The Polish striker accounted for 36 goals and 7 assists in 32 appearances this season, while in the Champions League, Lewandowski scored 11 goals in 6 matches and made two assists, which is merely abnormal.

Lewandowski scores in every 74 minutes in all tournaments. In the Champions League, once every 48 minutes.


1. Bayern is eager to win


In 2013, following the departure of Jupp Heynckes from Bayern, Pep Guardiola was appointed as the team’s top coach at the time.

German fans were expecting Guardiola to make a successful Champions League appearance, but the Spanish specialist failed against Spanish teams – Bayern lost to Real in 2014, Barcelona in 2015, and Atletico in 2016.

Bayern .were then coached by Carlo Ancelotti – an expert who has won three Champions Leagues and, along with Zidane and Paisley, is the most successful coach in the history of football when it comes to the Champions League, but Carlo Ancelotti also failed.

Then even Jupp Heynkes returned to the team. Under the coach, Bayern Munich lost a very pity semifinal against Real Madrid.

Bayern have had Guardiola, Ancelotti, and Heynkes in their last seven seasons but have failed to win the Champions League. You can imagine how eager the German team is to win the European Championship.