It’s unbelievable that Ernesto Valverde’s Barcelona had a perfect winning record in La Liga. Valverde could win two La Liga trophies in 2.5 years. It was not an easy two and a half years in Barcelona. According to Valverde’s latest statement, time in Barcelona was intense and enjoyable. Unfortunately to Valverde, Barcelona has sacked the coach. We can talk about the main reasons why Valverde was not good enough for Barcelona.

Barcelona’s official could not give more time to Ernesto

As it seems, Barcelona’s president was not able to provide Ernesto with more time. Barcelona lost the semi-final match against Atletico. Blaugrana had a perfect game, and even Lionel Messi admitted that. Unfortunately, Atletico Madrid’s attacking line could score two goals in just three minutes time gap and turn the table around.

After the match, Twitter exploded, and everyone wanted to blame Ernesto Valverde. Fans were saying that Valverde made the terrible rotation. Keep in mind that Valverde gave a chance to Rakitic when the score was 2-2. As it seems, fans were not happy with the fact that Valverde did not try to win the game and decided to control the midfield with Rakitic. Andres Iniesta visited Barcelona’s training facility yesterday. Former players of Barcelona said that officials of the team are doing ugly things with Ernesto Valverde. Iniesta thinks that the coach is doing a perfect job, and he does not deserve disrespect from the club.

Two setbacks in Champions League

MARCA experts believe that two main setbacks in Champions League cost Valverde a job. Everything started in Rome when Roma could make a come-back and win the tie. Next year, Liverpool played against Barcelona at Anfield without Firmino and Salah. Jurgen Klopp’s team could win the match against Barcelona and score four goals without conceding. Those two significant setbacks were the most painful for Barcelona fans.