Matt Doherty had to delete a post written with love for Arsenal. The Irishman with a good reputation will stay in Spurs for 4 years.

Tottenham Hotspur added the Irish winger Matt Doherty from rival Wolverhampton Wanderers. The 28-year-old back, who can play on both wings, has signed a four-year contract with Jose Mourinho’s Spurs.

Doherty has made more than 300 appearances for Wolves since joining the club in 2010 from the Irish League Bohemians and has a very good reputation. As you know, this is already the third acquisition for Tottenham Hotspur this year, after Heiberg and Joe Hart.

“I am very proud to have to play in a team of this level …” – says Doherty. “In my opinion, the Spurs have the best stadium and the best training complex in the world. When I heard about the interest, I didn’t think much of it.”

Matt Doherty’s transfer also benefited his native Bohemian, who received 10% of the transfer fee (unknown). Dublin presented the Spurs with a funny video where Matt Doherty deletes a post he wrote on Twitter in 2012, which reads – ‘I love Arsenal, forever and ever’. As you may have already known, Arsenal are Tottenham’s hated rival.