Jose Mourinho is attracted by his defensive style. Tottenham attackers do not like the methods of the Portuguese specialist.

According to The Athletic, the Tottenham players in London are dissatisfied with the methods of the head coach, Jose Mourinho.

According to the source, the Portuguese specialist has not lost control of the dressing room yet. But the players’ distrust towards him is growing day by day.

For example, the attackers of “Spurs” believe that Jose spends a lot of time on defense tactics in training. That is why the attackers still use the combinations introduced by Mauricio Pochettino.

Also, it is reported that the players of the London club already miss working with Pochettino, with whom they had a small conflict last season.

I would also like to inform you that the media has already talked about Jose Mourinho’s replacement. One of the main candidates was the young coach of Leipzig, Julian Nagelsmann.

Although Tottenham have started well this season and have been among the leaders for most of the season, the “special one’s” team has lost a lot lately. In the Premier League, the Londoners have won just one of their last six matches and lost five of them, causing them to drop significantly in the standings. So, after 25 rounds, the Spurs have 36 points and are in ninth place.


Mourinho: “I do not rule out staying beyond the top six”


Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho has made a statement about the current state of his team:

“It’s too early to look at the tournament table because there is a pretty big part of the second half of the season left.

Tottenham can enter the top four. Though I do not rule out staying out of the top six as the competition is quite fierce.

“I cannot say anything in advance. Let’s see what will happen around my team at the end of the season,” said the Portuguese specialist.