Tottenham Hotspurs enormous new home will now have more supporters inside when fans are able to return to football matches after receiving the increased capacity approval.

The Haringey Council approved yet another capacity increase to the Tottenham Hotspur stadium. The approval has increased the capacity by 547 seats pushing it up from 62,303 to 62,850. According to the council, this “is the total amount that they can achieve without significant alterations to the stadium”.

Further, the reports claim, “the additional seats will be accommodated through minor modifications to the South West and South East tunnels, the insertion of seats in areas such as the lateral gangway in front of the media tribune, through reconfiguring access points and the introduction of some demountable terracing to allow greater flexibility between wheelchair platform and standard seating configuring”.

While there was no objection from the council itself, the Transport and Highway Authority, one local resident raised an objection.

The council residents stated the resident, “objects to yet another increase in capacity. This amounts to an increase by stealth if 1389 on the original 2016 permission”.

“The disruption of local residents caused by this enormous multi-use stadium is immense. It would bring the capacity to 2146 greater than the Emirates and is wholly unjustified”.

Despite the resident’s object, Tottenham was granted the application advising “that any further proposed increase in the seating capacity of the stadium is unlikely to be considered non-material”.

This means that when fans can return to football, more will be able to fit into the Spurs Stadium with it being the second biggest stadium capacity in the Premier League with Old Trafford ranking at the top.