Spanish clubs dominate the Champions League and Europa League for the last decade. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico, and Sevilla won as many titles as possible in the previous ten years. Real Madrid and Barcelona won recent five Champions League trophies and entirely dominated Europe

A bad start in Champions League

The summer transfer window was fantastic for all Spanish clubs playing in Euro tournaments. Barcelona brought Griezmann, and now they have Messi, Griezmann, and Suarez in the attack. Atletico Madrid brought the most skillful and talented Portuguese youngster, Joao Felix, for 110 Million euros. Real Madrid spent up to 300 million euros and brought a few decisive players like Hazard, Jovic, and Mendy. Despite big names during the summer transfer window, all three teams struggle from the start of the season.

Dortmund 0-0 Barcelona

For any team, a goalless draw in Germany could be suitable but not for Barcelona. Valverde’s side played like they had no energy. Messi is back from injury, but Argentinian player could not help the team to secure a first win in the Champions League.

Dortmund had up to five crazy moments where they could score a goal. Ter Stegen helped Barcelona to secure one point as he had lots of saves. German goalkeeper even saved a penalty kick from Reus. We should mention Reus as he had a disastrous game. German winger had minimum five real moments that he could not convert.

Atletico 2-2 Juventus

Atletico had a great come back, but it was not enough for fans. Juventus was leading with two goals, and most of the fans could not believe in come back. Yes, comebacks and games like this are excellent, but we should not forget the problems in defense. Juventus scored two straightforward goals like Atletico could not defend at all.

Atletico could tie the match on 90th minute. So, Madrid fans were worried the whole game. Atletico had a terrible week, as they lost a game in San Sebastian and struggled against Juventus at home.

PSG 3-0 Real Madrid

It was a massive disaster for Real Madrid. Di Maria played with motivation and scored two goals. Real Madrid could not defend against Di Maria or other PSG forwards. Madrid defense failed in all moments and goalkeeper could not have any save during the 90 minutes.

Real Madrid had zero shots on target, and that’s unbelievable for Madrid fans. It’s impossible to find data about the previous match when Los Merengues had zero shots on goal. Fans can’t wait for more as they already ask Zidane to leave peacefully.