The head coach of Manchester City, Josep Guardiola spoke about Real and Liverpool. According to Pep, Real made him a better coach.

Pep Guardiola has long argued that he is one of the most distinguished and best coaches in the history of football. The achievements of the Spanish specialist are amazing, and the teams coached by him play beautiful and organized football.

The 49-year-old specialist has had a number of difficult opponents during his coaching career. Pep himself spoke about them and named the most difficult opponent he has ever met.

The most challenging opponent for Pep is Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. According to the Spaniard, in the last two seasons, the “Merseyside” team has developed into a strong club. So, they are very difficult to defeat.

Josep Guardiola also spoke about Real Madrid. According to Pep, Real is one of the strongest teams he has played against, and the confrontation with the “Royal Club” has established him as a better coach.

“The most difficult team I have met is Liverpool since last year. Klopp is an opponent who has thought for the longest time about how to defeat me.

I’ve always said that Real Madrid is one of the strongest teams I have ever met in my career. Difficult matches with them and competition with Jose Mourinho, Pellegrini, and other coaches helped me become a better specialist.

“If you ask me which opponent was the hardest to beat, I will answer that it is Liverpool,” said Guardiola.