Everyone wonders what will the transfer window look like in Europe’s leading football leagues. France has opened, Italy has planned, England and Spain are waiting for July.

With the return of football to Europe, the issue of an essential part of the process – the transfers of players – is also becoming active. As a rule, the transfer window in the top leagues of Europe was planned from mid-June to the end of August. But this year, the Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything.


According to the British media, the leading leagues agree on the approximate deadline for a single mother, October 1st. However, there is no unity between the countries regarding the start of the period.


The Italian Serie A has already confirmed that the entire transfer activity in the league will take place from September 1st to October 5th. It is suggested that the change in timing will also affect the upcoming winter transfer window.

In the French Ligue 1, the season of which ended prematurely, local deals have been allowed since June 9th. The terms of international transfers are still unclear. However, the league is considering the period August-October.

England have closed the transfer window ahead of other leagues in the last two seasons. But they are set to move to a normal schedule from this summer. According to local media, the PL transfer market will not open until the end of the season – July 25th.

The situation is similar in La Liga, Spain. But the final of the championship is planned five days in advance – by July 20th.

It is known that FIFA will allow the leagues to open transfer windows a few weeks before the end of the season. But the final decision should be made independently by each championship. The governing body of world football usually allocates 12 weeks for transfer activity. But there is a nuance – in any case, the player will not be able to defend the new club’s dignity until the next campaign.

Finally, the Coronavirus pandemic will affect transfers, not only in terms of the calendar. Due to the financial crisis, the clubs have much more modest funds.