Thomas Tuchel calls on his side to rectify on lack of sharpness after the 5-2 loss to West Bromwich Albion.


West Brom humbled Thomas Tuschel with five goals in a seven goals thriller game to end the manager’s unbeaten run.  The blues hopes to rectify their mistake as they travel to meet FC Porto in Seville on Wednesday night.

The German analyzed their loss and pointed out the lack of sharpness and defense laxity.

Tuchel explained, “We were not sharp enough and we didn’t catch the momentum to be sharper, to be closer, and to be more aggressive.

“We didn’t get tight enough to play as a block and make it harder to break through us. We could do that and then wait for our chances on the counter-attack but we didn’t do this well.

“Individually, our defending was not at the level we have become used to from the guys and we need to improve in that sense. It was one of those games where there was a lot of drama in the sense that if things could go wrong, they did go wrong.

“We got a red card, conceded two goals just before half-time and then we got an injury at half-time to Christian. In the second half, pretty much every shot they had was a goal.

He continued, “We had a few chances for ourselves but pretty quickly we had the feeling that this was not going to be the day where we could turn the score around.”

On the race to the EPL top four, Tottenham Hotspurs let another lead slip away at St. James’ Park. On-loan Arsenal midfielder Willock added on Joelinton’s goal to snatched it just five minutes to stoppage time.

“I’m frustrated. We needed to win the match. We created some instability with so many individual defensive mistakes that we made,” Mourinho said.

“Same coach, different players,” the Portuguese replied when asked about the constant leads slipping away. The Premier League is hard and is high-level football. And when in some actions you don’t show that you belong to that high level of football, it’s difficult.”