Spanish AS has recently reported that Turkey has offered to host the UEFA European Championship this summer.

According to the source, UEFA President Alexander Ceferin has good relations with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It may positively affect his decision.

The main argument of the Turkish side is the low rate of coronavirus infection in the country. The incidence of coronavirus infection has increased from 18 to 47 in the last 24 hours.

Until now, it was written that UEFA is likely to consider holding the tournament later. The Euro 2020 was scheduled to take place from June 12 to July 12 in 11 countries. Noteworthy that Turkey is not among these countries.


UEFA demands 275 million euros to postpone the European Championship


If we believe in The Athletic, UEFA is ready to postpone the European Championship. Though they will do it only on one condition. The European Football Association’s Union should receive £ 275 million in compensation.

This amount should be paid jointly by different clubs and leagues to the football organization.

UEFA has estimated that the football union would lose exactly that amount if the continental championship were postponed for a year.


UEFA has decided who will be named champions if the season is not renewed


As you may know, UEFA will hold a session on March 17 to answer many topical questions. One of the main questions that UEFA will have to answer is – who should be named champion of a country in any league if the season cannot be ended.

According to AS, UEFA favors the option to name the champions that are currently leading the tournament table. The same principle will apply for the Eurostat teams.

At the same time, UEFA does not intend to meddle in the domestic championships. So, the league’s leadership will have to figure it out.

Also, noteworthy that all this will be relevant if the 2020 European Championship is not postponed. However, if that happens, the clubs will have time to finish the season quietly.

The following teams are currently leading the European Top-5 championships: Premier League – Liverpool, Bundesliga – Bayern Munich, Serie A – Juventus, La Liga – Barcelona, and Ligue 1 – PSG.