Repeat matches of 1/8 finals of the Champions League were held without surprises. Leipzig and Atalanta further strengthened the victories which they gained in the first leg.

The Germans beat Tottenham 3-0 on their own field. They won 4-0 in two games, and the Englishmen had no chance.

The game of the Nagelsman team deserved universal sympathy. Leipzig will not be a gift to anyone at the next level.

The fantastic move of Atalanta also continues. They won this time again. The evening was a benefit for Ilicic. The attacker played poker and wrote history. He was the first player who scored four goals in the Champions League. Finally, the Italians won 4: 3 – in two games 8: 4.

Two more quarter-finalists will be revealed today:


Liverpool – Atletico


Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool): “Only the first half is over – that’s good news. My team usually use the breaks well. We learn from the first half, show guys some options on how to play in the second half, and often improve in the second half. We had three weeks, and many things became clearer during this time. In this game, we have to show that we learned from the first half, and we have to show that we want to go to the next level. We have a lot of chances, but creating moments against such a strong team is not easy. ”

Diego Simeone (Atletico): “We’ll have some troubles in a couple of episodes, but we’ll get chances as well. Everybody has seen what we can do in the last 8 years, and this time we need to show once again in Champions League what we can do. Our opponent is a solid team that has been proven ever since the day Jurgen Klopp took the helm. I have never been to Enfield, neither as a player nor as a coach – I have never had the chance to play at such an exciting stadium.”


PSG – Dortmund


Lucien Favre (Dortmund): Although we conceded one unwanted ball in response to our two goals, we have to maintain a positive attitude.

It was remarkable how the team reacted after equalizing the score – the boys were aiming to go ahead and score the second goal.

It is also essential for us to protect ourselves well. Even as we go forward, we know how to play defense effectively. The smart defense is essential.”

Thomas Tuchel (PSG): “We needed patience and the right time to get on the offensive. My players couldn’t play the counter-pressing game and couldn’t catch the ball properly.

We saw that the injuries of the leading players prevented us. Neymar, for example, found it challenging to match the rhythm of the game.

By the time the goals were netted, I felt like the game was opening up, and we were close to scoring a second goal. ”

The teams will play a return match in Paris tonight.