Two leaders of Bundesliga met on Saturday, and we saw the terrible performance. Goalless draw and very unlike performance from both teams.

Schalke 0-0 Dortmund

Schalke lost the last match in the Bundesliga against Hoffenheim. The team could not score a goal as they struggled to shoot on target. On the other hand, Dortmund won a crucial match last week against Bundesliga leader – B. Monchengladbach.

Borussia Dortmund had a tough mid-week match. Schalke is not on European tournaments, so they had a chance to rest for the whole week. On the other hand, Borussia had a mid-week match against Inter in Milan. In Italy, Favre’s players could not show their potential and lost the game. It was essential to match as now

Dortmund has a lower chance to qualify for the play-offs.

A goalless draw at Veltins Arena

In the absence of Marco Reus and Paco Alcacer, Dortmund can’t score goals. Borussia players had only three shots on target, and all of those shots were easy for Schalke’s goalkeeper. We should mention that Reus and Alcacer will be out for a few weeks, so Favre has to find a solution for the goalless drought. Even Jayden Sancho and Hakimi (as a winger) could not help Mario Gotze to score in Gelsenkirchen.

On another hand, another leader of the Bundesliga, Schalke, could not show real potential. After a devastating loss against Hoffenheim, Schalke players could not score a goal for the second match. Even in the first half, Schalke had zero shots on target.

After a goalless draw, Dortmund lost the chance to top the Bundesliga, Schalke went down to 7h position.

Freiburg 2-1 Leipzig

Guest team, Leipzig, had a tough mid-week match against Zenit St. Petersburg. German side won game 2:1, but it was hard to keep the first whole game. Now Leipzig has a real chance to qualify for the Champions League play-offs.

Leipzig played against Freiburg on Saturday and lost essential points. Overall, Leipzig has the worst run in history for the last four rounds. The team could only take two spots from the previous four matches. After a perfect five match at the start of the season, Leipzig is struggling to score goals.

Freiburg won the first half thanks to Hofler’s goal. In the second half, we saw another 45 minutes of boring play. In the 90th minute, Freiburg scored another goal and increased the lead. Leipzig scored a goal on 92nd minute thanks to Klostermann. Unfortunately, the guest team did not have enough time to fight for one point. Freiburg won the match, and Leipzig is now in the 6th position.