Two members of Atletico Madrid have been confirmed to have coronavirus. Their identities are still unknown.

As you know, Atletico Madrid has to travel to Lisbon for the Champions League match, where their opponent will be German Leipzig. It is known that before leaving for Portugal, two members of the “Indians” were diagnosed with coronavirus.

Their identities are unknown at this time. It turns out that these individuals were present at the team’s training session on Saturday, although they are not named, whether they are players, representatives of the coaching staff, or employees.

Both members of Atletico Madrid, who tested positive for the virus are currently in isolation. So, the Madrid club has implemented the relevant protocol.

“On August 8, each member and staff member of the team underwent PCR tests. Their responses became known, and it was found that two people had been diagnosed with the virus. They are currently in isolation.

According to the protocol, all Atletico members will be tested again. “The club cooperates with the relevant agencies and tries its best to provide all the necessary information to those involved in this process on time,” the statement reads.

Recall that the match between Leipzig and Atletico is scheduled for August 13.