Tottenham are interested in Bailey’s transfer abroad, but there is no money left. United’s main target is Sancho, but they will try to add Bailey as well.

As you know, Gareth Bale is given little playing time at Real Madrid. The Welshman has again failed to sort out his relationship with the team’s head coach Zinedine Zidane, and there is a high probability that he will replace the club.

If we believe Marca, the 31-year-old will no longer play for Madrid from the new season and will continue his football career with another team. Bale should not find it difficult to find a new team, although he should not be in good shape in the background of frequent injuries and small playing time.

According to reports, two Premier League teams want to add the attacker. Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are the teams that have shown interest in Welshman.

Bale started his 7-year Spanish career right after leaving Tottenham. The return of Welshman is very much wanted by his former team, though the problem is the amount. The management of Real believes that it is still possible to earn money through a transfer from abroad and estimates the player at 85 million pounds.

The problem for the “Spurs” is the high salary in Bale’s “Royal Club.” Gareth receives a salary of 000 600,000 a week from the club, while Tottenham cannot afford to pay that much.

Bale’s transfer to Tottenham is the wish of the Londoners’ head coach Jose Mourinho, who also tried to add Bale during his time as manager of Manchester United.

The favorites in the transfer are the “Red Devils.” Despite the interest, they do not like the player’s transfer price at Manchester United and want to add him relatively cheaply.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s main target during this transfer window is Jadon Sancho. That’s why it’s hard to imagine the Manchester club paying 85 million for Gareth Bale.