The time-limit was put forward as part of the guidelines of the governing body on the selection principles for UEFA club competitions 2020-21.

UEFA requested the plans from European leagues by May 25

UEFA has requested that all major European leagues be able to communicate their plans to end the 2019-20 season by May 25. The time-limit was put forward. As part of the guidelines of the governing body on the selection principles for UEFA club competitions 2020-21. Following a meeting of its administrative committee last week. UEFA categorically recommended that, if possible, all postponed leagues due to the coronavirus pandemic be completed where possible. It suggested considering top divisions with a different format, or, where renewal is not possible. National associations could decide the place for the next season’s continental competition “on sporting merit”. The UEFA expects all leagues to have a plan for how they will act in anticipation of the next meeting of the executive committee on May 27.

The Bundesliga may return from May 9

The organization’s guidelines state: “National associations and/or leagues must be able to inform UEFA by May 25, 2020, of the planned restart of their domestic competitions. Including the date of the restart and the appropriate format of the competition”. If the domestic competition is prematurely terminated by lawful the reasons following the conditions established by the executive committee. UEFA will require the national association to explain before May 25, 2020. The particular circumstances justifying such a premature termination and selection of clubs for UEFA club competitions 2020-21 based on merit in domestic competitions 2019-2020. “The Bundesliga clubs have returned to training and may return to the field from 9 May. While the teams of Serie A are expected to be able to practice together next week.

The circumstances remain unclear in the Premier League, La Liga and Ligue 1. Although the game in England is hopeful of restarting on June 8, negotiations are scheduled for later this week. After professional sport were banned in the Netherlands before September 1. Eredivisie announced the cancellation of his 2019-20 season last week. Not a single champion was announced, and there was no promotion or relegation. While the European qualification was determined by the table when the league was suspended. KNVB Beker finalists Utrecht accordingly missed a place in the European League qualifiers and stated that they intend to challenge the decision legally.